all of my work from week 3 term 3 are in this blog post

Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry is made up of six important layers and they are the capital and publishing layer and they are involved in paying for the development of new titles. The next layer is the product and talent layer and that includes Developers, Designers and artists who work on individual contracts as a team. Then there is the production and tools layer which generates customizable game engines and management tools. Next is the publishing layer which is involved in distribution and marketing of the game. There is also the hardware layer that is what the product is made for and that could be just one console or many different consoles. Lastly is the end-users layer which is the people that play the game that has been made.

My work fits in with the organisational structure because I will be creating a pixel art game so will have to do each of the layers by myself to create a successful game so that it means that I will have to create all of the games features and I will have to market it by myself.

My work is independent because I am working on it myself and it is an idea that is my own and I am not working with a team to create a game that someone else has come up with. And I also do not have the tools to create a mainstream triple A game because it would take a much bigger team and a lot of money.

My game would be distributed online because it would be easier to get to people because everyone is online these days and it would save a lot of money because I would not have to pay for physical copies which would cost more money.

My game would be regulated by PEGI and that would give my game a suitable age rating that they think it should have, for example 12+, 16+ and 18+.

My game would be for a mainstream because WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide in 25 languages. So it would be a very mainstream game.

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Task 2 and 3

Equipment that I need to complete my project would be a computer, a computer is needed for my project because I need to access the internet and many other pieces of software that I can only access through a computer.


Hardware that I could need to complete my project is a mouse so i can navigate through the computer , keyboard so i can type and use the computer and a monitor so i can see what is on the screen otherwise i could not complete my project. Ibut I will also need software on the computer so I can do my work and the software that I need are Photoshop so I can create pixel art and other ideas for my project. I will also need game maker so I can actually make the levels to my game and make sure I have a functional game.


I will also need Microsoft office to take notes of all of my work that I complete and record my evidence as I make my game. Also one of the main pieces of software that I need to do most of my research is the internet because that is where you can find any information that you need for your research.


A good computer that can run all of the software that I need to would usually cost around £500 to £1000 and for all of the other pieces of hardware that I need would cost varies price. A mouse could be priced anywhere between £5 and £120 but the more you spend the more reliable and better it will be. And the same goes for a keyboard it could cost anywhere between £5 and £120 and yet again the more you spend the better quality the product will be.  But for the monitor it can be priced anywhere between £80 and £2000.


If I compare this equipment to the equipment that I have now the equipment I have now can successfully work and complete my project, but I could spend more money on more expensive equipment. But I can complete my work either way, so the equipment I have now is good.

the key skills that i need for my project is to be able to use game maker and programe in it while being able to use photoshop to create my pixel art sprites to goes in the game. i will also have to make 2d levels to put in my game.

Demographics for my project

The age demographic for the average age of wrestling fans are not as young as people would think the highest percentage of viewers at 28.3 percent is aged from 35 to 44 with the second highest at 21.9 percent being 18 to 25 with the oldest being 65+ with a percentage of 9.5.


Also the percentage of women vs men that watch wrestling is men being more than 20 percent higher at 62.6 percent and women at 47.4 percent. And the reason for this might be because of the type of entertainment that wresting is, it is a fighting sport so generally men would like it more than women.


The lowest percent of amount of average income is $20,000 to $25,000 at 9.3 percent and the highest percentage of average income is $35,000 to $50,000 at 23.6 percent.


The highest average percentage is high school graduates at 52.2 percent and 13.0 percent college graduates.


Psychometrics for my project

The attitude of fans of wrestling can be very varied because at any point someone could be very happy about something that is happening and someone else could be really unhappy about the same thing. Because people that watch like different types of characters in the sport so if there fav wrestlers does not win they will be unhappy, like if your football team losses at game.


The lifestyle of a wrestling fan is very social because there is so much people that also watch when you are talking to another fan you could talk for hours on different topics about a certain show.  Also they normally have a good income because to watch the shows and ppvs you need to pay for them. Also with the shows you everything else comes out a price like real life shows and all of the merchandise that comes with being a wrestling fan.


They also have a high value of wresting because they mostly will have been watching it most of their lives so they find it that it is important in their life and have a very hi opinion on what they like and dislike.


Audience member’s profiles.



Name- Charlotte

Age- 22

Gender- female

Education- High School graduate

Income- $20,000 to $25,000 per year

Interests- Wrestling, sport and music

Lifestyle- social and healthy

Likes and dislikes- likes wrestling, sport and music dislikes certain sports and some genres of music




Name- Seth

Age- 37

Gender- male

Education- college graduate

Income- $35,000 to $50,000 per year

Interests- Wrestling, sport and music

Lifestyle- social and wealthy

Likes and dislikes- likes wrestling, collectables, sport and music dislikes certain sports and some genres of music

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Task 4

Qualifications –

A collage degree in games design also some other qualifications that are required for this job are Experience with level design and populating them, Experience building 3d environments and levels, Lots of creativity, Excellent verbal and written communication skills, Good idea of design principals, a positive professional attitude and be able to provide screenshots, videos and playable levels.

Skills –

The skills that are required for this job are 1 to 3 years of professional game industry experience, published game titles, creative writing skills, mission design, familiar with tools such as Photoshop, 3ds max and an understanding of design concepts.

Experience –

You should have 1 to 3 years of experience in the gaming industry, be able to communicate socially with other people as a team and be able to use all of the tools that you need to be able to make level designs.

Knowledge –

Being familiar with the company and be able to design, build, script levels. And know how to use all of the tools that you need to complete the task that would be given to you.


Personal attributes –

Some personal attributes that you need are a passion for level design and a professional attitude to the job, you will also need communication skills like being able to work as a team and to be able to pitch your ideas to the team so your ideas can get a say in the task that you are trying to create


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