all of my work from term 3 week 1 is here.

What have I learnt?

Term 1

In term 1 I started in Unit 1 by learning how to use 3ds max in different ways, and they were how to create 3d objects and also how to us e Photoshop to texture them. I also learnt about sound and various different microphones and how they all record sound in different ways.

In Unit 2 I learnt about different research methods and how to use them to find what information you want to find, but I also learnt about different foliage in different games and how to recreate that in 3ds max.

In Unit 3 I learnt about the games development pipeline and who makes up all of the different steps to making a game, all the way up to the release to the public. I also made a meet the team step to show who makes up a team when creating a game like destiny, which include people from developers to concept artist to musicians for the games music.

Term 2

In term 2 week 1 I learnt how to promote indie games and which were the best ways to promote them on different social media platforms. In term 2 week 2 I learnt how to create my very first pixel art sprite on Photoshop of the queen using research, and I also made 3 different mood boards in Photoshop about World War 1.  And I also had to come up with a team logo idea for the team.

In term 2 week 3 I learnt about dark stalkers and I had to write up about their art style and all of the different advantages of their pixel art and disadvantages of it. Also we had to decide on a final logo and name for our team, which was Pantheon studios.

In term 2 week 4 I done a retro game sound case study as well as making six different pixel art sprite concepts on Marie curie and different German soldiers. In term 2 week 5 I done an indie game sound case study about braid then I made some sounds in BFXR and dubbed a clip from the prince’s bride with 8 bit sounds to sound like an 8 bit game.

In term 2 week 6 it was a progression week so I done a prevent study about extremism and how to stop and prevent it, as why it is called Prevent. In Term 2 week 7 I done a biography of Marie curie and all important dates in her life.

And lastly in term 2 week 8 I done my evaluation on my game and how I done it from pre-production to post production.

Who am i

Values and Beliefs –

I now value after the first 2 terms time and how I use it and I believe that the more time I put into something the better the outcome will be.

I also value listening because it is really useful for when you are listening to an input session and you understand a task more when you have listened and I believe it helps me with the task a lot more.

Experiences –

Experiences with different software like unreal and game maker have given me more experience in them so I now can use them a lot easier then I would have before I started.

I have also experienced socialising as a team to work with other on a task.

Inspirations –

My inspirations for my pixel art in term 2 is from looking at other people’s pixel art so it made me want to do more myself.

Influences –

My influences have been other people that are also doing the same tasks as me, so to try to do as good as them or better.

Background –

My background since I have got to term 3 has not changed.