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Introduction to Prevent

Prevent is a cause that is trying to lower the amount of young people that can easily get involved in extremism and terrorism.


What is prevent?

Prevent is a cause that uses the police, schools, colleges, authorities and local communities to battle young people getting involved with extremism.

How do people become radicalized?

Young people can become radicalized in many different ways, they could be bribed to join so they will get paid to be a part of an extremist group.

They could also use social media to talk to these young people and get theme to join an extremest group by saying really good things about it and using tactics to change their opinion on things.

What are the signs of someone being Radicalized?

You can spot someone that is being Radicalized by a sudden change of behavior and their opinion on certain subjects like religion or many other things in the world.

You can also see if they are getting involved if they are suddenly around very different people that they would normally hang around with.

You can also spot someone that has been radicalized if they are suddenly getting lots of money and have all of the latest gadgets and expensive items.

How can you as a creative student make a difference to help the prevent strategy?

I could make Prevent more aware to lots more people by posting information about it on social media websites, also creating more exiting ways to learn about it.

My thoughts on the Prevent strategy are that i think that it is a really good thing that can be spread around easily so as much young people can get warned about radicalization and how to stop it from happening to you or anyone else.

But i also think that by talking about it to much could encourage certain people to look into to groups to much and could end up joining which is completely the opposite to what Prevent is there for.

So i think that it should be taught to young people but not to much that people get to interested in the topic and get to involved with it.