tis is all of my work from term 2 week 8



General Project Based Questions


  • Describe you project


My project was to create a 2D side scrolling platformer on a 256×256 pixel range.

I also had to create the game in a random period of time and a main character was also randomly selected for me as well.

Also I had to do a lot of research on the Main protagonist and the era that it would be based in (World War One).


  • Explain the pre-production, production and post-production techniques and processes you used to create your media product.



The pre-production phase was longer then the time that it took to make the game on game maker.

In the pre-production phase I had to research a lot about my main character Marie Curie and the time period that was World War 1.

I also had to figure out the plot of the game and how the game would look.

Also in the pre-production phase I had to create lots of different design ideas for backgrounds and characters in pixel art.

I also created lots of different mood boards to use when I would create my assets for my game.



In the Production phase I started out b making a room for my game and when that was done I created a background in Photoshop and then imported it into the game maker backgrounds tab.

Then I got my background and put it in my room so it had a background then when that was complete I made my first sprites so I could put them in m y room as well and they were my main character, enemies and some platforms.

When that was all complete I changed all of their events so they would be able to function like my character would now be able to jump and move around while the enemies would be able to stand on platforms and some would be moving on the platforms.

When that was done I had to add a way that my character would be able to shoot at the enemies, so I create a sprite that would represent my bullet and programed it with game maker language so it would shoot when I pressed the right key when I wanted to shoot.

I also added a door sprite into the game as well as a key so in the game you would have to collect the key to get to the door which when you get into it, it finishes the game.

Some last additional touches where making more backgrounds and other objects to make the game look nicer.



In post-production I had my game tested by other people in a QA test where they would try my game and answer some question that I put down on a list and when about 8 people tested my game I would look back at their reviews and read what they thought about it and the thing that they liked and things that they did not like.

I would also test my game to see what bugs I would find in it and any other problems I would fix.




  • What were you goals and expectations?


My goals and expectations where to have a game that functions and works well and that was the end product, my game was not exactly what I wanted it to be when it was finished but I have a game that works fine.


  • What is challenging, different and interesting about your media product?


What is interesting about my product is that in my 2D side scroller game I have a gun mechanic of a more futuristic game where you can shoot in different directions.



  • Who is your ideal target audience?


My ideal target audience would be about 6-10 because it has very mild violence in it but it is very suitable for a child because it has a nice colour scheme that children that age will like and is a type of game that they would want to play.



  • Does the finished project present and promote your idea to your chosen target audience?



My finished product does suit and promote the idea of my game to its chosen audience of 6-10 year olds because as I said before there is very mild violence but very reasonable for a 6-10 year old.


  • Why should the audience consume your media product?


I think the audience should consume my media product because it is much aimed at the target audience of 6-10 year olds because it has a fun objective of what you have to do to play the game but there is also a colour scheme that goes well will children that age.




  • What is the message of your media product?


My message of my media product is that the woman Marie Curie can achieve her goals of completing the objective of delivering the medical equipment to the front lines.

And showing that woman can also be a main protagonist in a game because she can do anything that a man protagonist can also do.



  • How did your creative decisions help communicate your message?


My creative decisions helped create a certain mood to my game and that is a happier mood because it is colorful and bright so it would be suitable for a 6-10 old to play because they would have fun playing it.







Specific Skills Based Questions


  • What audio/visual/interactive problems did you encounter during the production and post -production process?


When I was making my objects to put in my game when I would play it my character would get stuck on the wall and not be able to move or jump.

I also had a problem where I would sometimes be teleported randomly if I touched a certain part of a platform.

Lastly my audio was good but way too loud and would get annoying after a certain time.



  • What did you do to solve audio/visual/interactive problems you encountered?


So I had to create a background where the wall was also in it so when I put it into the game my character would be fine and would be able to jump move and do everything else fine.

For my problem with the teleportation is still a problem that can happen a random times because I cannot find a way to fix the bug.

For my problem with the audio being too loud I just went into the sounds tab and turned them down.



  • How effective was your finished project in solving audio/visual/interactive based problems at the end of your creative media project?


My project in the end worked out well because it was a finished game and had an objective and also there was only one minor problem and that was the teleportation bug.


  • How could you make it better?


I could have made my game better if I had some background music and just some more additional levels to make it longer so it would not be so easy to complete.


  • What audio/visual/interactive skills have you learned during this project and how can you develop them further for your FMP?


I have learned visual skills like how to explore more ideas in pixel art and I have also found out how to make my pixel art look nicer in a way by using shading to create a more realistic affect.

Also the main thing that I have learned which will help me in my Final Major Project is how to use game maker to create a game.


So my overall I think that my first ever attempt at making a game in Game Maker was successful because I had a game in the end that worked and only had one minor bug, but next time I want to make it a much longer game with lots more objectives to do and make it as detailed as possible.