In this blog post is all my work from week 5

Indie game sound case studies


The style of sound in the game Braid are expressionistic

Braid creates a mood of adventure because it is not really fast music like a horror piece or sad and slow it is just normal speed and creates a sense of wanting to find more information about the level you are on.

The style of the music makes you feel like you are in a fantasy world and it is definitely not a real place so that is also why it is expressionistic.

I think they chose this choice of music to create the sense that you were in a fantsy world and not in the modern era.

The effect will bring people that like that type of music to look in to the games but in my opinion it is depressing and makes me not want to play the game.

I think to make these sounds they just used they had different types of instruments like violins and other instruments related to classical  music and then after all of the music was created they changed.

Hyper light Drifter

Hyper light drifter creates a mood of adventure just like braid but unlike braid it is more peace full and makes it more enjoyable to play in my opinion.

To me when the background music play it reminds me of the mine craft background music because sounds very similar and mine craft is and adventure game so it makes Hyper light drifter also sound like an adventure game.

8 bit sound dub

In this task i had to get a 30 second clip from the fight scene in the princcess bride film and redub the audio to make it into chiptune style and not how it normally sounds.

The proccess

First i had to watch the three minute clip and find 30 seconds of it that i wanted to re dub and when i found it i watched it closely to figure out what certain sounds i needed to recreate in 8 bit form and when i had the list of sounds down i went in to bxfr to create my sounds and save them to my computer as a wav file.


Then i had to put the 30 second clip  into premier and take the original audio out and the re dub it by putting all of my sounds in the the right place to recreate the effect of the real sounds.


When all of my sounds were in i and they were all perfectly in place i went onto free music archive to find a background music pices to add more effect to the clip.


Then it was completed.

I can use this knowlage in my project becuse when i have to dub my game i will remember how to do it because i now know how to do it.

luckly i have already used premier to dub the limo paper cut so i all ready knew how to dub so it did not take long to figure out how to use it again.

I learnd knew skills like how to create my own 8 bit sounds using bxfr and how to make them seen like impresion and expressionistic sounds like a footstep is impression because it is realistic but the jumping sound is expression because when you jump in real life you do make a sound like mario.



Clip after i have completed the 8 bit sound dub-