In this blog post is all of my work from week 3.

Supertime force and darkstalkers 

Why do you think the developers chose these art styles?

I think that the developers chose these art styles because in the game Super time force there is not alot of detail in the faces so they cannot show expression on thier faces so they use there bodys to show what type of person they that are.

     2. What creative problems do pixel artists face? What problems does pixel art                 present as an art style?

Yet again pixel artists face the problem of not being able to show alot of detail in smaller bit style sprites so it just sow that somtimes pixel art presents that it can cuase alot of problems in the detail arena of characters and other objects.

    3. What are the advantages of pixel art as an art style?

Advantages of using pixel art as a style is that it is quicker to make then making and texturing a 3d model. Also in my opionon they are easier to create and are not as confusiong to create.

   4. What problems do animators using pixel art face?

They have to retain the look of the sprite from there original standing still stance to a differnt stance but they have to still make it look like the main charcter, also they could have the arm of the sprite blend in with the body and it would look wird so they have to make it a slighlty diffenr shade.

  5. What are the advantages of using pixel art for animation?

For lets say a walking animation they only have to animate it twice and they can just repat that over and over again because it always looks the same.

  6. do the requirements of game genre, technology and players affect creative                  decisions?

Yes the requierments do affect creative decsions because if you make a game of somthing that only 1,000 people like compared to makeing a game that 1,000,000 people will like you will not get as much profit .

Also technology can affect how it is made aswell becuse you might not be able to afford a computer and software to create a certain game that you want so you have to change what you do.

  7. What creative decisions did they make in tackling these problems?

They would check what is trending in the world and go with topics that people are really into and are poplar at the time.

also if they cannot afford to create a certain game that can create a differnt game but still make it to the same level as quality but make the game a differnt style.

  8. What were the alternative solutions?

Other alternative solutions are to make a game using 3d and that is basicly the only other option.

My team logo and name that will be used for what social media platforms we use.

Name – Pantheon Studios

Logo (still getting decided so here is our ideas) –

mine is the Gold one (first one) other ones are made by other members of the team.