This is a blog post about all of my work in week 2.

Introduction to Pixel Art- the Queen

  1. What were the requirements and parameters of this visual-based problem?


The Visual requirements for this visual base problem was to not copy by try to recreate the same look from the photo of the queen as good as possible in 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit.

  1. What research activities did you undertake to create your solutions to this visual-based problem?

I got photos of the queen from when she was standing up and I could see her whole outfit and what all of her different little details that I could add when I had got the bigger main clothing completed. So for my research I used photos to look at so it could be as most recognizable as possible.


  1. How did you apply your practical skills to solve this visual-based problem? You must include screen shots and discussion of processes.

I used a lot of new practical skills to create my pixel art form of the queen.

Finished pixel art for the queen in 16 bit.


Finished pixel art for the queen in 24 bit.


And the finished pixel art for the queen in 32 bit.


How I got the finished product on all three of the different queens all has the same process which goes like this.

At first I set up a new canvas which was 16×16 pixels and painted the background layer a grey colour then I added a new layer and put it on top of the background layer, then when that was set up I turned on the pixel grid and then put this photo of the queen so I could use it as research and a colour pallet.


Then I started to make and outline of black so I could see what shape she would have and the started to construct her head without and shading yet.


I then added some more details to her face then I also added the different tones of shading so she would look more 3d. I also started to colour her dress.


Next I finished colouring in the rest of the outline of her dress with only one shade at the moment.


I then filled it in with the same colour so I could start seeing what her body shape would start looking like.


I then reshaped the outside of her dress a little bit bringing it in so it would look more like her actual shape.


Next I added all of the shading for her dress in so it would look more 3d and I also started to add her hands in as well.


Now I have added her blue stripe that she has going across her drees with some medals and I also adjusted the left hand a bit more.


For the final touches I added in more detail like a necklace, earrings and different shades of medals so it would all not look the same, I also adjusted her shape a bit more so it would look as good as possible.


This is the same method that I would use for all three of the sprites but each time I would put more detail into it.

  1. How effective were your solutions in solving this visual-based problem?

I think that my solutions to solve each problem was to have her picture at the side so I could always use it as a reference so I knew what I was doing at all time and I could also take colours from her so her shades of colour where the actual shades that she actually was wearing.

Also I used shading to create a sense of 3D so on the left side of her body it was more light and on the right it was darker with a lot more darkness under her arm.


Mind map And mood boards for the project.

My mood board for characters that i will have in the game.


In this mood board you can see Marie Curie in her dark nurse out fit, you can also see another nurse on the left wearing a much lighter nurse outfit.

The rest of the people are made up of soldiers from differnt armys which include the German and English, the three soldiers on the bottem are all Germans while the three guys in the middle are all English. With both German and English soldiers at the top.

2nd characters mood board in colour .


This is another mood board to show what the colours of there cloths were, the mood board is mainly made up of English and French soldiers. You can see that the English were mainly a dark green colour while the french wore a striking blue colours, and with the germans wearing dark grey costumes.

Objects Mood board.


This mood board shows the differnt types of objects that could be in the game i show in the corners differnt types ofr scenary that could be in the game, i also added three differnt

Levels mood board.

Capture 3.PNG

This is my levels mood board and in this im showing what type of landscap world war one looked like, there where a lot of trenches in world war one with also alot of no mans land in the middle.

  1. How will this task help you to meet the current requirements and parameters of your project?

It will help me because i will be able to look at these mood boards to see what type of clothing they wore and what colour all of the clothing was also i will be able to see what the landscape looked like.

2. What research activities did you undertake in order to help you create your mind map and mood boards? Were these effective? What other research activities could you have undertaken?

The reasearch that i done to create these mood boards was reasearching what type of armys where in world war one and looking at photos of what they looked like also i looked at Marie Curie to see what see looked like.

also with the tanks and other objects i looked at differnt type of tanks their was to see what i was looking for.

3. How will this task help you to plan and organise your work on the current project?

it will make my project much easier because i will not have to search for images everytime i need a refernce to create somthing i can just use these mood boards.

4. How did you apply your practical skills (include screenshots where relevant)? Did you learn any new skills during the process?

i used my practical skills to create the mood boards and how they were designed but i did not learn anything new because i already knew how to do what i was doing.

5. How effective were your solutions in solving this visual-based problem? Consider whether you could have explored more ideas in your mind maps, or included a wider range of imagery in your mood boards. Do you think that this work will help you to solve visual, interactive and even audio-based problems in your work? If so, how?

I think that wil now be able to easily create mood boards about my projects alot quicker because i have now done a couple i now know how to quickly create a new one for any type of project that im doing.

My team logo and name that will be used for what social media platforms we use.

Name – Pantheon Studios

Logo (still getting decided so here is our ideas) –

mine is the Gold one (first one) other ones are made by other members of the team.

Reflection of work undertaken in the week-

This week i done a new pixel art (the queen) and i have also created my first mood boards showing all of the infomation on world war one that i need.

We also as a team worked out  the name of our studio ( Pantheon Studios) and we also each created a logo idea for the studios which is getting decided on a poll vote.