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Games development pipeline

Bioshock Concept,Pre-production, production and post production


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The audience for the game bioshock is aimed for people over the age of 18 because it is very gory and also it has horror elements to the game like scary character designs and lots of aspect of horror films like jump scares.

Also a big difference from bioshock to other games is that bioshock is very story driven and has no multiplayer aspects to it.


The market that bioshock is based for is games consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and PC because it is a main stream way to distribute games to lots of people on different platforms.


you go to a underwater city called rapture built by a guy called Andrew Ryan and you survive in a 1950s style era while fighting off multiple characters including a steampunk style robot call big daddy and a little sister that is with him.


story line:

you the main protagonist jack goes to a underwater city called rapture because you was in a plane crash that was built by a man call Andrew Ryan  in 1946, which is located in the north Atlantic ocean and you have to try to escape while fending of the multiple enemies that you face including the iconic big daddy and the little you get further through the story you discover secrets about and upgrade weapons and power ups along the way.

Also the city is based around the 1950s and 1960s new York and the style of the buildings and what all of the characters cloths look like as well.Image result for bioshock raptureImage result for 1950s new york skyline

concept art:

The concept of art that they used in bioshock is mainly art deco, while they also added lots of steampunk to the mix by adding robots and  machinery. also the style of weaponry that they used what based around world war 2 guns like the Thompson and revolvers.

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Game goals:

The games goals is to complete missions and defeat enemies that you come across in the different levels which are all based around  different buildings and parts of rapture that you have to go to to to find new secretes and a way to escape.

game play mechanics:

The game play mechanics in bio shock are that you fight other characters which you have to kill to survive by shooting them with you weapon or using melee weapon.

also you have to upgrade your weapons when you get further into the game so you can put up a good fight as they enemies get harder as the game progresses.


They will have to create a story board so they can create a good story and how the game will lay out and ow it all ends, so without a storyboard the story can get boring or get messed up.

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What the developers had to research before they produced the game was 1950s new York because the city off rapture is very close to the look of 1950s new York as i explained earlier.

with also a art deco art style all the way through the game, which is greatly influenced by the artist Tamara de Lempicka because her art really looks unique to other art styles used in games.

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3D and 2D modelling:

In production of the game they will need a team that is good at 3D modelling so they can create the 3D models of the characters and all of the objects and structures in the same.

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Also in the production they will need a team of animators so they can animate all of the movements and moving objects in the game that need t move so the player can move and do things like shoot weapons.

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they will have to have art so they can produce the 3D models based on what there concept art is and without the concept art the 3D model will be unprofessional and will not be anywhere as good as it could be with concept art.

Early concept of Rapture

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Early concept of big daddy

Image result for bioshock concept art big daddy


A major part off production is sound because if there was no sound in the game it would not be as interesting and fun to play so they need to have a sound team to record all of the sound off the characters voices and actions that they will do.

also one of the main sounds that will be used a lot are the sounds of the weapons being used and the enemies and what sounds that they make.

they will also need to create the ambient sounds and the music that you will hear throughout the game.


For there game to actually work and function they will have to have a team of programmers so they can a code so it makes he game do what the devs want it t do.

also they need the code so it knows when to trigger cut scenes and when you do certain stuff in the game it actually notices that and then proceeds to the next part of the mission.

Post production:


The developers of the game will have to test the game to look for any bugs and problems in the game which they will have to fix before the game is released to the public audience.


When they have tested the game an found out the bugs in the game they will have to send it off to PEGI so the can play the game to see what age rating they want to make they game, they have to make sure that they get the right age rating so they do not accidentally release it to a to young audience.


When the game has a approved age rating the will be ready for release and before they release the game they will have to get a manufacturer to produce lots of copy’s of there game so when the have got the right amount they can go to a distributor and then give the distributor the game.

after the distributor have got the game the will have to release a release date and when that day comes people will be aloud to play Bioshock.

Meet the team

DESTINY created by Bungie meet the team


The game destiny was created by the company called Bungie which was founded in may 1991 by Jason Jones and Alex Seropian.

The game Destiny was released on the 9th of September 2014 But it actually started development in 2010 on four different platforms the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one but it has not been released on the PC.

The CEO- The CEO of Bungie is Pete Parsons but it used to be Harold Ryan when Destiny was developed but he left so as of January 28th 2016 Pete parsons is now the CEO of Bungie and here is what he said to the fans of Destiny when he first got the job in January.

“To the players of Destiny, I want you to know that my number one priority, and Bungie’s, is and always has been to deliver great games that we can all share together. I believe that Destiny is a one-of-a-kind experience. I also believe you have yet to see our studio’s best work. My new role here at the studio will be entirely focused on fulfilling that promise.”

The Directors- In the production of Destiny there was more then one director, there was a director for each of the vital development parts.

The first director was the the Director of the Art and he is Christopher Barrett and he managed his Art team which was made u of lots of people which i will go into more detail about later.



The director for the Audio in Destiny is Jay Weinland and he is very qualified for the role of the Audio in Destiny because he was the director of the Audio in Bungies other famous game called Halo. Also the audio producer is Matt Case.

The different combatant designers are listed here as well and they are Derek Carroll as the lead PVP designer. He has bee working at Bungie since 2008 and he worked at some different company’s before that and they are Microsoft studios and Day one studios, So he is now the lead designer of Destiny well know game mode called the Crucible

The lead designer for the Raids are as follows, Gavin Irby , Jake Meyer and Michael Tipul and Gavin the lead designer has been at Bungie since 2013 and studied at the university of Virginia.


The story designer is Joseph Staten as been at Bungie for 15 years and he developed Destiny s story and the foundations that make up the game that everyone destiny fan plays to this day for 4 years but he now works at Microsoft studios.

The 3D art and Concept producers are Jessie Coombs and Scott Taylor and Jessie help produce Destiny for the first two years but hen she left and worked at Microsoft and after that until this present day she works at HBO as a senior executive producer.


Also the world art producer is Dan Gniady has been working at Bungie to created Destiny since 2011 as a producer but before that he worked at activision.


Art-The lead producer for the Art is Garrett Morlan has been working at Bungie since 2012 and before that he was working at a company called 3plusthree and his main skills are creative direction and art direction.

Animators- The lead animation and cinematic person is Leo Martinez and he has been working at Bungie since 2009 an his main skills are animation and cinematic.also the all of the other animators names are listed as follows Victor Chavez, Christopher Cox, Jeremy Fones, David Helsby, Mike Hoffmen, Matt Kelly, Leo Martinez, Anthony Partridge, Jason Robertson, Tom Saville, Drew Shy, Veara shou.



Testers- The testers test the game to find out an problems with the game and they also help by saying what could be better and the activities engineering tester is Jason Payne and before he worked at Bungie he worked at pop cap but now he works as a games designer at Bungie. Also he has had 6 years of experience in game development and 8 years experience as a manger.


Also the lead Audio testers are Steve Lang and Kevin Nelson and they have both worked at bungie in the audio department while testing if the audio is good for the game. Also the combatants test lead was Elizabeth Bergeron and she Supervises and trains Combatants Testers and assigns tasks as appropriate. and some of here best skills are games development and level design.

here is a like to a video that shows the making of the audio in the game destiny

Bibliography for meet the team

i used linkedin so i could search down the names of the people i needed to find information about.

I also used to look at the people that were involved in the making of destiny and find more infomation about them.

Destiny images