In this blog post there will be all of my work from unit 2


power point on research 

I have created a power point on primary and secondary research and how it is important in the games industry and there is also other information about other types of research i here as well.


hansel and gretel

key research tools and methods

In this blog post i have created a plan as to what different types of research i can use to research Hansel and Gretel for my project.

some main research methods that you can use are primary research and that is when you go out and find the information that you want by doing it yourself, and some examples of this that relate to my project are going to a wooded area nearby to inspect the trees and all of the different environmental objects that you need to inspect like logs and flowers while taking photos so you can use them to help you create the 3d models at a later stage.

also you can take an audio recorder with you so you can record the sounds that you hear over time when you are in the woods and you can use them sounds in you project to create a realistic environment with the sounds that match the theme.

or you can use secondary research methods like looking at some photos that someone else has already taken or you can also find some audio clips that someone else has recorded while they were in the woods and use them in your project if they allow you to do that.also you can go on websites like google maps to look at woods if you wanted to because it does not cost any money and you can go and inspect the woods without even going there.

primary is more useful i think because i think you get a better feel to what you are researching and will eventually have a better outcome on your project but i think secondary research is also good because you have to do less work and it does not cost any money because if you where to go to a woods by your self you will have to pay for a camera and also travel to get there.

also reading a book can be both primary and secondary research because some one has wrote the book but if you read it it is primary research but if you take a direct sentence from the book it is secondary research.

Research sources


A book is great because you can read the actual story of Hansel and Gretel and you can analyse it over and over again if you have to.


you can you a website to do that same thing as a book so you can read the book online but you can also find out more info about the backstory and other interesting details.


photographs are very good because when you are creating 3d models you can use the photos as a reference to copy from so you can make your model as good as you can.

google maps

google maps is another good source because if you want to look at a certain place but you cannot pay to travel to that place you can go there on google maps and look at the location on there.

chocolate 3d model


evaluation for this task

i think that this task was not hard to complete and i remember about a lot of the research information about the different types of research so i found getting in to this task very easy and quick to start.

i also found out a lot more types of research that i can use for when i create my project, like reading books and taking photographs to use them as references.

Secondary research Foliage

3d based foliage


The photo above is taken from the game Far Cry 4 and in the photo you can see that there is a couple of different trees all in the same photo, and because it is located in in India there is mountains in the background of the photo.

Far Cry 4 trees also look very realistic and close to the real life objects and you can see that by looking at the photo because no tree is the same in the shot, they all have some sort of variation to make it seem more realistic.


The photo above is taken from the game Fallout 4 and in the photo you can see a lot of smaller trees in the backgrounds of the photo but in the foreground of the photo is covered by a massive tree that looks very like a tree that has lost all of its leaves because of winter but it has actually lost all of its leaves because of the nuclear radiation.


The photo above is taken from the game sonic and as you see because it was made a really long time ago compared to games like Far Cry and Fallout so they used pixels and they created a 3d look by using shadows to create the 3d look on a 2d game.

they make you realize that they are palm trees and not any other type of tree but they do not look exactly like the real palm trees, while the trees in the 3d games look more realistic.


the photo above is taken from the game spyro the dragon and in the photo it shows a tree to the left and you can see that it has been created using the pixel method,l you can also see that the tree is solid and there is no tree branches coming through to make the tree more realistic.