In this blog post there is all of my work from Unit 1


Apply understanding of a range of processes to support media activities.

Candy cane 

I learned how to created a 3D model of a candy cane in 3DS max by using the skills that where involved in the session like making a capsule by using extended primitives and then changing the amount of segments and how to bend the top of by using the bend tool so the capsule i created looked like the top of a candy cane.


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sound and how it creates meaning

sound creates meaning in lots of different ways and one of the most obvious ways is ambient sound and ambient sound creates lots of effect on the person or people that are watching or playing the game and this can change from a very happy scene to a scary horror scene just because of the difference in ambiance and if there was no ambient sound it would have half the effect on the person.


microphone pick up patterns


An omnidirectional microphone is a microphone that records sound from any direction and you would you a mic like this to usually record sound like ambiance.

A bidirectional microphone is designed to record audio equally from the front and back of the mic and is usually used to record sound for radio or interviews.

A cardioid microphone is usually used for everything but it is slightly directional but will pick up some background noise if it is not being used in a controlled environment.

A shotgun microphone is used for filming reality tv shows and it picks up sound from whatever is facing the the front but it will pick up some sound from the back if you are not quiet when operating.


Call of duty 4 modern warfare remastered:

Lone survivor:

In this post I am comparing a video game to a movie to compare their audio and how different or how similar they sound.

First I am comparing the game call of duty 4 modern warfare remaster to the film lone survivor and how all of the sound differ in good and bad ways.

Firstly in the gameplay video of call of duty 4 it starts of with sounds that are made for when the text appears on the screen, but in the lone survivor it does not have that because they would not have those type of sounds. unless they show the title of the film at the start but it is a common thing in games to have these computer generated sounds.

Also they both start of with voice audio and they are made in different ways in the game they are recorded in a studio but in the film they are recorded live and this generates a much clearer voice for they game. but the film’s voice audio can get overshadowed by other louder sound when getting produced.

Another big audio proceeds at the start of each of the clips is that they both have ambient sound and it is different in each case. So the ambient sound at the start of the call of duty clip is rain and they heavy wind, also the propellers of the helicopter spinning creates a lot of tension and build up to what will happen next. So the lone survivor the ambient sound is the shouting of the enemy team in the background and they gun fire in the background aswell and it creates a lot of tension because we know they the soldiers are getting shot but we do not no from where they are getting shot from.

So into one of the most obvious sound that are the same in both of the different clips are that they both use gun shots and explosions to creat the effect of the guns actual sounds, firstly in call of duty 4 they gun sounds are very clearly not as loud as the sounds of the guns in the lone survivor. that could be because of a library sound that they could have used or because they just made it less loud so it would not be a pain to always hear really loud gunfire and also some other sound could drown it our like the breaking of glass. So I think that the sounds of the gun shots in call of duty 4 are not as good as the gun shots in lone survivor because it fells more realistic and much more immersive.

Also another big sound that I frequently used in both of the clips is the sound of explosions and they are both very similar but in the film they have whistle sound before the explosion goes of and it sound very real because it is real and they do use real explosions to film with but hey have to be very careful when recording these sound, but the ether do the same thing with call of duty or they use liabery sound and that brings the realism of the sound down and less realistic.

So in conclusion I think that the film lone survivor had an overall better audio components because it sounded more clear and felt more real so it drew me in and really grabbed my attention and call of duty could get boring after a while because all the sound are the same but regenerated every time you trigger the sound to happen.

So I think the audio for film is better than audio in games.


Limbo paper cut

at first we looked at the original 10 second clip of the video with the audio so we could find out what different sounds that we would need to recreate with the sheets of paper.

the next step was finding out the sounds and how close we could get them to sound like the real thing and they were the footsteps, log movement, ambiance and the rock sounds.

so the next step was to actually record the sound with the paper and we done all of the sounds in a 20 minute window and it was challenging.

so next part was putting the sounds into audacity so i could make the sound, sound a best as they could and so they did not distort.

i also had to cut the original audio from the limbo clip so there was none so i could put my own one into the clip when i had all of my sounds ready.

the next part was editing all of the sound clips to the video clip of limbo and making sure all of the sounds were placed correctly so they match the sounds that they were meant to be recreating, and after that all of the sounds where in and it was all correctly placed i got some different ambient sounds and combined them all to make a background ambient sound that would fit the forest scene.

Also the final step to the limbo paper cut was to create two different versions with two different types of music and one type was meant to fit the style of the game so dark and lonely and another type was meant to not fit the style of the game.

overall this has been my favourite task in the course so far and i did not find it as hard as i thought it would be and i hope in the future i will be able to create some better sounds because i will have more freedom when choosing how i will create the sounds.

Ginger bread man

i create this gingerbread man model by using some new techniques and they are polygon extrusion and editing the vertices so i could creat the perfect shape of the gingerbread man . i learned how to create smooth objects by using vertices and changing them by adding more vertices by using chamfer to add more edges which creates more vertices which i can change. i also used extrude and bevel to add different limbs of the gingerbread man and then finally smoothed it out by using the smooth tool. but i also unwrapped it in the UV editor so i could add textures to it by using and putting the texture on the unwrap by using Photoshop.

overall i thought that i found it difficult at the start but when i got further into the model i got a lot more confident and i started to find it a lot more easier to create the model.



limbo paper cut continuation

after i had finished my ambient track for my limbo paper cut i had two use two different music tracks contrasting each-other, the first one was the same theme as the actual theme of the game it was dark and quite creepy so that worked very well.

but the second one was completely opposite to the other one it was a happy upbeat track which in some ways sort of helped out in the creepy way just like when you sometimes hear children’s nursery rhymes in horror films.


I created a cookie as well because it is related to the ginger bread man and when i created the cookie i used some new tools and some same tools that i have already used before in the ginger bread man task. so the new tools that i used are the noise tools so i could create the jagged shape of a cookie. i also got a sand texture from which i Photoshop to make look like a cookie as much as possible and after i unwrap UVW to make sure the texture would not be distorted and the i used the material editor to put the texture on to my cookie.

dont have photo of textured cookie.


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grass and low level foliage


the grass found in woods are usually darker under the trees because the tree is blocking the sunlight from getting to that grass but there are areas of open space where the sun does shine through their is more grass and less mud.

 3Ds max grass pane


I found this 3d modelling task easy to follow because of the tutorial video and it was simple a not not confusing at all.

At first i downloaded the pngs from and then i put them both into photo shop and when i was finished i went into 3Ds max and created a pane and resized it so the length and width were both 20 and then i went into the material editor and put the texture onto the pane.

i also done this same processes with three other grass panes i had a variation of grass in my landscape and not just the same grass over and over again.

Reference images to the solo 3d modelling task






i used these images so i could get to know what i was trying to make and if i did not have i would have found it a lot harder to create the 3d model of the chocolate bar.


at first i created a simple box and changed it so i had 2 length segments and 6 width segments just like one of the chocolate bars in the reference images above.2nd

i then flatten it out so i had it flat enough so it would look as closed to what a real chocolate bar looks like3rd

i then made the chocolate square shapes that stick out the top by using the extrude tool to make it look like a chocolate bar as much as i possibly could.4th

i then edited the uvw unwrap so i could try to make the texture as least distorted as possible.

capaturee   11.PNG

this is what it looked like after i put the texture onto the model i think it came out alright but i do not like how it is good on the flat parts and on the slanted parts the texture got stretched and ended up looking  a bit weird.

so overall i think the model ended up brilliantly but i did not like what it looked like after i put the texture on it.


3d models for the Hansel and Gretel project

3d tree 1 1.1


When i created the tree for the project i used a lot of the same tools that have already learned when i was creating the other 3d models that i created before this project, like the cookie, and the gingerbread man model.

but i also learned a lot of new things that helped me create this tree model like how to use lines to help me put my branches that i created on a path that shape how to branches would be position like they were a real tree and how to use taper to edit the branches in further detail like making them thicker or thinner and lots of other stuff.

i also used to get the texture fro my branches but i did not have to get textures for leaves because my tree was set in a world that was in the winter so i would not have to create the leaves because tree do not have leaves in the winter.

overall i did not find this task too hard or to easy it was a challenge to get the tree how i wanted it but in the end i was very happy with the final result.


1 1.1




this is my gingerbread house in 3ds max to make this i used all of the tools that i all ready knew how to use, i also used the cylinder object and adjusted the noise so it would end up looking like icing i also used the sphere object to create the look of colorful sweets on the house and i used the material  editor to put the textures on the sweets so they would be seen in unreal editor.

i also imported my cookie model so i could put it all around my hose so it looked more like a gingerbread house.

but i also used to get the textures for my windows and doors that i have all around my house and had just one door at the front of the house.


i think that i found this 3d modeling task alright and i did not run into a lot of problems and i ended up with a model that was complete and was not broken in any way and when i imported it into unreal everything was alright and working.

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what is 3D modeling

3D modeling is what you create to put into a game engine so your game can have some depth and realism.

3d models compared through two different games

Game 1

Grand Theft Auto 5


In gtav there is 3d models for characters and ai but another very important 3d model are cars and there is a lot of different variations or cars so there is a lot of different models for just one category and the same thing goes for the people inside the game.

obviously another big part of gtav is the different weapons that you can use and there is multiple different weapons so there needs to be specific looks for each.

and lastly and the most obvious thing about gtav is the very big and detailed map and there is 100s of different foliage models in the map and 1000s of different buildings in the map which add to the realism effect.

also the lighting in gtav is dynamic and alsways changes depending on what time of day it is.

so overall gtav is aimed at older players who are in to action games and want to explore a open and immersive world which they can do in a story mode or even and online mode.

game 2


In UFC 2 there is a lot of models in the same category’s as gtav but there is a lot of models that are not in the game from gtav and it is same for the other way around.

such as character models, because they are in gtav and Ufc 2 but in ways they are different because in UFc 2 they are more detailed and more realistic because there is nowhere near the same amount of people in ufc 2 as gtav.

also in Ufc 2 there is no cars recuse in ufc you cannot drive cars and cars are not something that is associations with ufc so they do not need to be in the game.

but there are multiple things in Ufc that are not in gtav such as the ufc octagon that you fight is not in gtav becuse there is no need for it to be in the game because the audience does not need it, but it is needed in ufc because that is where everything mainly happens.

the lighting in ufc 2 is usally the same evry time that you play it, because everything happens inside arenas and the only source of lighting is when the lighting rig shines light down on to the octagon and when the rig shines light on the crowd when there is entrances as well.